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Single point All India compliance for Professional Tax

Shops and Establishments Acts

Central / Local Compliances

VAT / Incom Tax

Legal Compliance

  • Registration of the Establishment where the establishment employees 20 or more contractual employees.
  • Any amendment/change in the Registration Certificate originally obtained including addition/deletion of vendors which would occur from time to time.
  • Maintenance and preservation of the Contractor.under the provisions of the Acts and rules.All the registers and other record shall be preserved in original for a period of three calendar year from the date of last entry therein
  • Filling of Return of Commencement and Completion of the Contract intimating the actual dates of the commencement or,as the case may be,completion of such contract work,in Form VI-B
  • Attending to every notice issued/follow up of inspection made up of inspection made and production on demand the registers,records and notice as required under the Act and resolve the matter amicably with the authorities concerned under the Contract Labour Regulation & Abolition Act,1970
  • Filing of Annual return in Form XXV (in duplicate) to the Registering officer concerned not later than the 15th February following the end of the year to which it relates