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Income Tax Act

  • we undertake appeals,hearings/High court.
  • Income Tax Assessments.
  • Income Tax Refunds.
  • Capital Gains,Computation of Individual Income.
  • Filling of Individual returns and corporate returns.
  • In order to tax the income of a person the term itself is designed under the Income Tax Act.

As per the Act the term Income includes:

  1. Profits and gains of Business or Profession: This includes income from carrying on a business or income earned by doing any profession.
  2. Dividend:
  3. Profit in lieu of Salary, perquisite: This includes any amount received by an employee from his employer other then the salary amount.
  4. Allowances granted to the assesses to meet his expenses incurred for performance of his duties: This includes allowances such as HRA, Medical allowance, etc given by an employer to his employee.
  5. Any capital gains: This means any profit derived on sale of any capital asset.
  6. Winning from lotteries, crossword puzzles, races, card game, T.V. Show , etc
  7. Any sum received for fund created for welfare of employees.